Start your business book publishing journey today!

Following the video learning modules in five stages, you will discover:

    1. Crafting a best-selling book for business success!

    1. Module 1: Planning Your Business Book

    2. Module 2: Navigating Publishing Options

    3. Module 3: Researching and Outlining Your Book

    4. Module 4: Final Steps in Book Preparation

    1. Module 5: Importance of Formatting in Book Publishing

    2. Module 6: Content Preparation for Print

    3. Module 7: Final Formatting for Printing

    4. Module 8: Kindle Manuscript Formatting Tips

    1. Module 9: Publishing on Amazon KDP

    2. Module 10: Pre-Launch Preparations

    3. Module 11: Have your post-launch strategy in place

    4. Module 12: Final Preparations for Book Launch

    1. Module 13: Strategies for a Successful Book Launch

    2. Module 14: Preparing and Executing a Book Launch Day

    1. Module 15: Post Launch Marketing Strategies

    2. Module 16: Leveraging a Book to Build a Business

    3. Module 17: Lessons I Learned from Publishing a Book

About this course

  • £49.00
  • 20 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

Ready to boost your business with a book?

Every ambitious business owner should be open to new ways to raise their Company profile and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. When I published my first book; Website Mastery for Business Owners Who Don’t Speak Tech, I discovered the true power of becoming a recognised author and the massive positive impact for my business – and now I’m sharing that with you in this exclusive online course, so you can do the same for your own business!

Why write a business book?

Whether you’ve already written your book and it’s sitting untouched on a hard drive somewhere – or perhaps it’s a project your business coach or mentor keeps telling you “would be great for you” (as was the case for me!) – I’m here to support you as you embark on a transformative journey, with my exclusive online course tailored for business owners and aspiring authors.

I’m Fiona, the driving force behind a premier web design and development agency in the UK, and I’m here to share my personal odyssey from business owner to best-selling published author. In this webinar series, I reveal the strategic steps I took to leverage self-publishing my first book with KDP (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing), catapulting not only my authorship but massively elevating my profile as a website specialist – and seeing my business grow as a result. 

Discover the power of turning your industry insights and experience into a marketing powerhouse that resonates with your potential clients. I don’t offer a one-size-fits-all guide but an authentic step-by-step account of my own experience – a roadmap from an individual who had never ventured into publishing before to creating the ultimate 230-page business card. In this online course I share practical advice on everything from the software that proved instrumental in my journey, to demystifying the process of transforming a manuscript into a best-selling book – including what did and didn’t work for me.

Want to know more about it and why it matters for your business? Watch this short video:

Raise your business profile - starting today!

I wrote about what I already know and created the most powerful marketing tool I’ve used for my business in over 20 years – attracting ideal clients and growing my business – and you can too!

Your Guide on This Journey:

Fiona Allman-Treen

Website Specialist

Website & Online Impact Expert | Best-selling Author of WEBSITE MASTERY for Business Owners who Don't Speak Tech | Winner Dynamic Business Award 2023 Creative Industries